Customer Service Reps and Their Needs

I’ve been a happy customer with Suddenlink recently, so much so that I felt like that I had to tell the world my love for this awesome cable company. When the news is full of nothing but bad things to say regarding cable, cable television and the company that provide it, I feel like it’s nice to hear about those that are actually doing some good in the world. Granted, there is no perfect company out there but I feel like these guys are close to what we need to see more of from a cable provider.

I am honestly beginning to believe that many of the problems we hear about stems from the amount of customers that the larger companies have under their belt. Continue reading Customer Service Reps and Their Needs

Buying Art from Local Artists

Peg - Art and Design in Picton with PegMany people enjoy artwork and they like to place unique pieces in their homes. Also, offices like to put artwork on the walls to make spaces look more professional and inviting. Artwork is best purchased when it is original and a great deal of artists work diligently to create the best and most exciting art pieces for consumers.

There are hundreds of artists all over the world and these artists create unique pieces to sell to clients. Most artists do not make a lot of money but they should be supported and revered for their talent and expertise. Artists go to college to get a proper education and this makes them knowledgeable about all types of art. Continue reading Buying Art from Local Artists

Inspiration for Supporting One of a Kind Local Artists

Art Laboe: Oldie but Goodie, Disk Jockey Soothes Hot 92.3 Nightly and ...Purchasing from one-of-a-kind local artists is nothing less than a truly fulfilling experience. If you live in the Fall River,MA area, there are many wonderful talented locals that could really use your support. Next time you are looking to purchase a gift or something special to decorate your space, consider supporting artists and making a direct purchase from locals. Helping the arts stay alive is just one of the many ways this world can be a better place.

Did you know that in recent years more and more people seek out one- of-a-kind works of art? In almost every home decorating magazine or do-it-yourself TV show, you will find at least one or two pieces of art. Finding the perfect painting for your living room is not only a fun task, but a very personal journey. By going out of your usual comfort zone, you are letting yourself truly discover what it takes to be an artist and how it can inspire your home decorating. What makes this search even more fun is that you get to meet the artist behind the art. Many pictures sold in stores are impersonal. By purchasing straight from a local artist, you will easily sense the difference.

Another way you are lending your support to the community is by purchasing something made local in the USA. With so many items manufactured overseas, you can ensure that you are getting a quality work of art. Not only is it better quality, but you will understand what it feels like to own something that is only found in your home. This can be an especially important deciding factor when looking to purchase a gift for a loved one. Sometimes when simple jewelry or a gift card just doesn’t cut it, a personalized work of art can be something great. As you can see, there are hundreds of reasons why owning a piece of local art can become a part of your life.